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CareFusion AVEA Ventilator Lawyer – Class I Recall of AVEA Ventilators

Consider speaking to CareFusion AVEA Ventilator recall Lawyer Mark J. Leeds if you are experiencing CareFusion AVEA Ventilator complications. Describe your CareFusion AVEA Ventilator incident to Mr Leeds, and ask any questions you may have about CareFusion AVEA Ventilator lawsuits.

The FDA (U. S. Food and Drug Administration) announced a Class 1 recall for the CareFusion AVEA Ventilator. A Class 1 Recall is the most serious recall issued by the FDA, as it indicates that the potential exists for serious injury, or even death.
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Ikaria INOmax Recall Lawyer – Class 1 Recall Drug Delivery System

Consider speaking with Ikaria INOmax recall Lawyer Mark J. Leeds if you have experienced Ikaria INOmax DS Drug Delivery System complications. Discuss your Ikaria INOmax drug delivery system incident with Mark J. Leeds, and get answers to your Ikaria INOmax drug delivery system lawsuit queries.

Many severely or critically ill patients who use ventilators have nitric oxide delivered through the Ikaria INOmax DS Drug Delivery System. The nitric oxide is set at an exact concentration for the patient, and if anything goes wrong with the drug delivery system, not enough oxygen may get through to the tissues of the body of the patient. If the tissues of the body of these already critically ill patients do not receive enough oxygen, side effects may include organ damage, low blood pressure, a heart beat that is slower, heart attack, acute respiratory distress, and even death.
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Vaginal Mesh Lawyer – Transvaginal Mesh Attorney – Surgical Mesh Complications

Transvaginal surgical mesh complications or injury? Speak to a vaginal mesh lawyer, Mark J. Leeds. When looking for an attorney for your possible vaginal mesh lawsuit, choose an attorney with personal injury law experience.

Transvaginal surgical mesh treatment for POP? POP goes the mesh! Well, the vaginal mesh doesn’t actually pop, but many complaints about POP or SUI vaginal mesh treatment complications have been reported.
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Fears that Drug Shortages Increase Risk of Medical Errors

Imagine that you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident and urgent emergency medical treatment is needed. The best medical staff are there to help, but the best treatment drugs for your particular situation are not there due to drug shortages.

Drug shortages in the U.S. are causing fears that the risk of medical errors is increasing.
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