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Stomach Virus on Ruby Princess and Gastrointestinal Illness on Crown Princess

Consider discussing your Florida cruise ship stomach illness with Mark J. Leeds, a Florida cruise ship injury lawyer. You may be entitled to money compensation for your stomach virus or illness.

Attorneys in other states: If your client (not living in Florida) has been injured on a Florida cruise ship, you may want to consult with a Florida cruise ship attorney to see how he or she could be of assistance to you and your client.
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Seizure Risk Warning for Top Grossing Twilight Movie

Never mind breaking records or being a top grossing movie, but Breaking Dawn has had some Twilight Saga fans breaking out in seizures. Never mind imagining blocking your neck or throat from the fangs of a vampire, but imagine having to block your eyes from seeing the birth scene in Breaking Dawn.

Watching the latest Twilight Saga movie may be a health risk, especially to those prone to having epileptic seizures.
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