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Car Accident Injury Caused by Somebody Else

A list of ways you may suffer a car accident injury caused by somebody else:

Suffering from a car accident injury caused by somebody else does not always involve another car.

Somebody else may cause your car accident injury by:

manufacturing defective tires;
manufacturing defective brake lights;
manufacturing defective air bags;
manufacturing defective windshield wipers;
manufacturing defective cars;
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Tractor Trailer Accidents

With the growing numbers of tractor trailers on the roads it is inevitable that there will be an increase in the number of tractor trailer accidents involving cars and tractor trailers.

Underride tractor trailer accidents generally happen when a car drives into a tractor trailer from the side, or behind. Injury risk to the driver and passengers of the car is high. Most tractor trailer accidents happen on highways, and because of the speed at which the car was travelling, the car, or part of the car, ends up underneath the tractor trailer, invariably resulting in severe or even fatal injuries.
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