Stomach Virus on Ruby Princess and Gastrointestinal Illness on Crown Princess

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The Florida cruise ship Ruby Princess returns to South Florida today. About 90 passengers and about 10 cruise ship crew members have contracted the Norovirus stomach illness. The Norovirus causes vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

The Crown Princess Florida cruise ship docked at Port Everglades yesterday, with an increasing number of passengers suffering from gastrointestinal illness.

You may want to talk to a Florida cruise ship injury lawyer about your Florida cruise ship Norovirus or gastrointestinal illness.

The Norovirus is contagious and spreads easily, especially when there is a large group of people in close proximity to each other, like on a cruise ship.

Both cruise ships were heading to South Florida after a Caribbean cruise. How many passengers spent money on going on a Caribbean cruise, or going on their first Caribbean cruise, or even on their first cruise ship vacation, expecting to relax and enjoy the cruise and their vacation, but ended up with upset stomachs instead?

You may be entitled to money compensation for your Ruby Princess or Crown Princess stomach illness. Find out by discussing what happened to you with a Florida cruise ship injury lawyer.

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