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Stomach Virus on Ruby Princess and Gastrointestinal Illness on Crown Princess

Consider discussing your Florida cruise ship stomach illness with Mark J. Leeds, a Florida cruise ship injury lawyer. You may be entitled to money compensation for your stomach virus or illness.

Attorneys in other states: If your client (not living in Florida) has been injured on a Florida cruise ship, you may want to consult with a Florida cruise ship attorney to see how he or she could be of assistance to you and your client.
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Motorcycle Accident Florida

Motorcycle Accident Florida headlines are scary, and more so when that motorcycle accident in Florida injured motorcyclist is you or a loved one. Hiring a motorcycle accident Florida injury lawyer is also something to think about if you want to assess the merits of your case, and determine if you may be entitled to money compensation.

Speak to Mark J. Leeds, a motorcycle accident Florida injury lawyer who has personal injury law experience and who is a Florida Bar Board certified civil trial lawyer.
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Car Accident Injury Caused by Somebody Else

A list of ways you may suffer a car accident injury caused by somebody else:

Suffering from a car accident injury caused by somebody else does not always involve another car.

Somebody else may cause your car accident injury by:

manufacturing defective tires;
manufacturing defective brake lights;
manufacturing defective air bags;
manufacturing defective windshield wipers;
manufacturing defective cars;
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Accident Degree of Liability in Florida

Accident Degree of Liability in Florida – for many years, in Florida and elsewhere, it has been maintained that in an accident involving two vehicles travelling in the same direction, that the driver of the vehicle in the rear must be considered negligent, as that driver has the best opportunity to prevent an accident, and potential injury risks, from happening.

This blanket application has been challenged in recent years, with lawyers introducing the element of degree of liability. What this means is that lawyers are not claiming their clients are faultless, but rather that their clients are not totally responsible for the accident, and that liability and responsibility needs to be shared between the driver of the car and the driver of the tractor trailer.
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