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Stomach Virus on Ruby Princess and Gastrointestinal Illness on Crown Princess

Consider discussing your Florida cruise ship stomach illness with Mark J. Leeds, a Florida cruise ship injury lawyer. You may be entitled to money compensation for your stomach virus or illness.

Attorneys in other states: If your client (not living in Florida) has been injured on a Florida cruise ship, you may want to consult with a Florida cruise ship attorney to see how he or she could be of assistance to you and your client.
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Car Accident Injury Caused by Somebody Else

A list of ways you may suffer a car accident injury caused by somebody else:

Suffering from a car accident injury caused by somebody else does not always involve another car.

Somebody else may cause your car accident injury by:

manufacturing defective tires;
manufacturing defective brake lights;
manufacturing defective air bags;
manufacturing defective windshield wipers;
manufacturing defective cars;
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